Even with introduction of technology that makes the migration process to Australia easy, finding a house to buy or rent non stressful, booking removalists in Melbourne a matter of hours, and performing other important tasks without hassle – moving internationally is never easy or comfortable. Most people describe moving overseas as one of the biggest life-changing events of their lives. For this major transition being prepared and proactive is necessary. Therefore, here is our complete guide by experts outlining relocation checklist and moving Tips. Have a look.   

Relocation Checklist

Whether you are moving locally or planning a long distance move like relocating to a new country, it is essential to streamline your work. Therefore, it is best to have a moving checklist which will help you assign tasks to people and set deadlines to get things done in time. Here is a relocation checklist that you can use for managing your overseas migration without hassle and ensure everything is managed smoothly.

  • Hire a migration agent to provide professional guidance for moving to Melbourne.
  • Explore you visa options and apply for the one that you are eligible for. You can visit the Australian Government’s Home Affairs website to know which visas are available and which one you should get.
  • Look for business or job opportunities in the suburb or part of the city you are planning to move to. If you already have a job offer then ask the company to help with the relocation.
  • Understand the contracts you have. These can be agreements from the company you are going to work, a business partner, your future landlord etc.
  •  Look for a home to settle and stay in comfortably after you arrive in the country. Whether you want to buy a house/unit or rent on, know your options and make arrangement to have accommodation when you reach Melbourne.
  • Sort your finances and prepare your budget to prevent depletion of your saving and also have clarity about expenses.
  • Declutter your belongings and only pack items you really need after you have relocated. Don’t over pack and also ensure you pack everything securely
  • Book removalists in Melbourne to handle and transport your belongings with damaging or losing your belongings.
  • Research and get in touch with a professional to complete things like getting a bank account, registering for healthcare, getting Child Care Subsidy etc., after you have landed in the Melbourne.
  • Sort your affairs in your current country to move on without any hassle or stress.
  • Be prepared for the moving day to avoid delays.

Moving Tips

There are a host of things you have to do before and after moving to the dream country. To help you, here are some expert moving tips that will ensure you overseas migration is not as stressful as it can be.

  • Learn the language because it will make communication easier and faster for you. Australian mostly speak English and you can get classes for this language before you move.
  • Create your budget and follow it strictly because moving abroad is usually expensive and affects your savings tremendously.
  • Learn as much as possible about the area you are moving to. Whether you are moving to a suburb or going to live in the city, it is essential you know about the neighbourhood, its crime rate, house affordability etc.
  •  Make finding new mates and people you can connect with a priority. After arriving in the country, make sure you start befriending people. You can connect with locals, migrants, and tourists by visiting common places such as community meets, popular attractions, restaurants, cafes, theatres, etc.
  • Prepare for the move mentally as well especially if you are relocating alone. Be ready to feel lonely, stressed and homesick but know that everything will be fine in the end.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new country is never easy because you are uprooting yourself from a place you have lived comfortably for many years. However, relocation is necessary for many reasons and it can make a major difference in how you live your life. Therefore, use the relocation checklist mentioned above to manage your relocation and follow the moving tips as well to move without any hassle.