Moving to another country is a significant and life changing events. It can be one of the most stressful transitions you and your family experience. However, when you move to a city like Melbourne where the standard of living id good, infrastructure is modern, economy is stable, and there are plenty of opportunities – it is worth setting your roots in a new place.

If you are sure about relocating to Melbourne then here is your complete guide outlining information on how to migrate to Australia.

Look for Employment or Business Options

To move to the city you should have a solid reason of working for a good company or establishing your own business. For people looking for employment options, the best way is to find a job in Melbourne and Victorian Industries.

If you want to open a business, then gather more information about business advice and support in Melbourne, operating a business in the city, etc.

Look for Housing Options

For planning your budget and making the move correctly, you need to find a home where you can settle comfortably after the stressful move. Start searching for the best and most affordable housing options for you. The city has numerous house and units that you can buy or rent. If you want to stay away from the bustle of city and raise a family in a safe and green environment then considering buying or renting a home in the suburbs that are close to the city and have modern amenities as well.

Plan the Move

Get everything in order and envision your move. Figure out the logistics, where you would work or do your business, how many people you would need visas for etc. Get in touch with migration agent who will help you understand the process and requirements.

This step also includes exploring your visa options and applying for the right visa for you and your family. In addition, you need to figure out options for packing and moving your belongings. Make sure you choose a good removals company in Melbourne and your current living space to manage the relocation process without any hassle.  

Prepare for the Move

After all the planning and visa approvals are done, the next step is to prepare for the strenuous and challenging moving process. Start by creating a moving checklist and complete all the tasks mentioned on it. This list should mention decluttering, packing, booking tickets, paying rent for the new house, booking removalists in Melbourne, and other important tasks.

Don’t try to do everything yourself because it will cause unnecessary stress and delay. Instead, divide the tasks and assign ownership to each of them. Additionally, set deadlines for the tasks to ensure they are completed in time.      


After you arrive in Melbourne, your new life begins and you need to ensure you are settled. If you are business owner, investor or skilled migrant the skilled and business migration program by the government of Victoria will offer assistance to help you settle.

If you have hired a migration agent in Melbourne they can help you settle in your home and formalities done as per requirement.

Mingle with the Neighbours

It is essential you befriend people around you to bear the process of leaving your home country and settling in an unknown place. Make sure you are polite and courteous to your neighbours and participate in small talk. To introduce yourself to the people in your area, you can host or attend community meets as well.

Note: If you have people who you know in Melbourne, then get in touch with them after you have arrived in the city and settled. Ask them to show you around and if possible, get around yourself to befriend locals. Start by visiting famous attractions, beaches, tourist spots etc.

The Bottom Line

Migration from one country to another is a huge things and the process is not the easiest. However, when you are moving to a city like Melbourne the challenge is worth it. Therefore, use this guide to know how to migrate to the city and start your new life without extreme discomfort or stress.