Have you moved to Melbourne and are all geared up and ready to explore this Aussie city? Melbourne has consistently been ranked one of the best cities to live in by The Economist’s survey of 140 cities. Besides the friendly people and scenic landscapes, this city is also a melting pot of religions and cultures and has many world-class artistic festivals. Go for a drive along the beautiful Great Ocean Road, walk along the graffiti lanes of the city, enjoy piping hot coffee at one of the many cafes and play some fun sporting activities here.

Besides this, there are also fun and unusual things you can do in Melbourne, such as:

1. Grab A Hot Jam Doughnut

You should start your day by buying a hot jam doughnut at the 70 years old doughnut kitchen van in Queen Victoria Market. For just $6.50, you will savour and relish five juicy hot raspberry jam doughnuts that will melt in your mouth. These doughnuts have the right amount of sweetness to kick-start your day in this gorgeous city.

2. Watch The City From The Sky Deck

Once you are pumped with energy, you can watch the entire city from 300 meters high at the Eureka Tower Skydeck. With 360 degrees panoramic views of the entire Yarra river and Central business district, this view will leave you mesmerised. You can also go inside The Edge glass cube, which lies three metres from the building and gives you sky-high views. However, it is not for the fainthearted so stick to the Skydeck if you are not comfortable being suspended in the cube.

3. Watch Penguins At The St Kilda Beach

Next, spend a fun-filled afternoon with penguins at St Kilda Beach, located just six kilometres outside the Central business district. The distinctive fairy penguin colony live in the breakwater, and you can stand on the boardwalk and see them in action. You can take photos without your flash on and should follow all the volunteer guides’ instructions to enjoy looking at these beautiful creatures.

4. Relish Delicious Burgers In A Graffiti-Covered Train

You can enjoy mouthwatering burgers in a unique setting in Melbourne when you head to the rooftop of the Collingwood office block. You will find a bunch of Hitachi trains covered in graffiti on this rooftop, and you can sit between the trains or inside the trains and enjoy your meal. Craft beers are also available on tap, which you can enjoy while looking at the views of the Collingwood centre.

5. Drive Along The Great Ocean Road

There are many reasons why moving to Melbourne is a great idea, and one of the main attractions is the gorgeous coastal drive. Start your journey on this 243-kilometre route that stretches right from Torquay to the Port Fairy village located near Warrnambool. You can easily spend around three to four days here and explore the best of the lot, like the London Bridge, Bells Beach, 12 Apostles, Port Campbell and Apollo Bay, the Loch Ard Gorge, and much more. This scenic drive also has venues for surfing, helicopter rides and skydiving so that you can also indulge your adventurous side. Make sure you take your camera along and take many pictures on this drive.

6. Sit On The Banks Of A Pink Lake

If you arrive in Melbourne in the late summer, you should head to Westgate Park lake, which turns pink around this time of the year. This is because the excessive sunlight, algae and lack of rainfall have made the water turn pink and create a surreal look. You should come and sit by its banks and take as many pictures as you want of this amazing phenomenon.

There is plenty to do in this amazing and riveting city of Melbourne, and you should use this guide to learn how to migrate to Australia to try out these amazing adventures.


You will love living in this city where there are plenty of exciting and unusual things to do and see and every day will be a new adventure. So, contact an immigration consultant in Melbourne today to help you move to this amazing and exciting city.