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Plan your relocation process and settle in the international city where you can lead a good and comfortable life. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and a reckoned metropolitan.


Melbourne is one of the most thriving cities of Australia. After Sydney, Melbourne is the second most-talked about international city . It has a strong economy, thriving lifestyle, excellent housing options and much more to offer. It is also among the top 100 best cities for standard of living according to the Economist’s liveability rankings.

Melbourne is a good place to move if you want suburbs with low crime rate, affordable healthcare, modern infrastructural developments, good prospects for setting a business etc. Whether you are single, with a partner, or have a family with kids, there is a place for you to settle in this wonderful city or its suburbs.


The capital of Victoria is locally governed by the Melbourne City Council and it is responsible for the municipality of the city. The council comprises of the lord mayor, a deputy lord mayor, and nine councillors.


Melbourne is an international city that is residence for locals and people who migrate here from other states and countries. People here are friendly, communicative, and helpful. Since Melbourne is a tourist hub, most locals and residents are cooperative and supportive.


Climate throughout the year in Melbourne is usually temperate but the climate is opposite of the northern hemisphere. Therefore, December to February is Summer, March to May is Spring, June to August is Winter, and September to October is Autumn.

Housing Statistics

Melbourne has numerous good housing options. The median house price is $881,369 approximately and the median rent is $430 per week. If you are looking for units the median price is $490,000 and median rent is $400 per week.


The education system in Melbourne is excellent and it was given a perfect score by the survey of 2018 conducted by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit. Here you will find the best schools and colleges in Australia.

Public Transport

The public transport of Melbourne is sound and smooth running. It consists of a network of trains, buses and trams that helps people and tourists get around the city without any hassle or stress.

Interesting Facts about Melbourne
  • Melbourne was originally named Batmania which was derived from the name of the city’s founding father John Batman.
  • Melbourne is also known as the fox capital of the world.
  • From 1901 and 1927 Melbourne was the capital of Australia.
  • The city witnessed rapid growth during the gold rush in the mid-1851 when gold was discovered in Victoria.
  • Melbourne was the major port of Victoria which is why it experienced tremendous development.
Places to Visit

Melbourne is a hub of various places for entertainment, arts, culture, sports, shopping, children’s activities, nature, and wildlife. The city has something for everyone. So, whether you are coming to the city

  • Federation square.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens.
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • Skyscrapers.
  • Queen Victoria Market.

To visit all the places in Melbourne without any hassle, you should create an itinerary of all the locations and areas you want to explore.

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