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Helped over 1230+ Clients from 16 Countries Want to come and live in Melbourne one of the most thriving metropolitan cities in Australia? Let us counsel you about the migration process, eligibility for visa, and other necessary things to help you live, study, work, and enjoy in Melbourne. The capital of Victoria is known for its high-end amenities, quality education facilities, best healthcare system and cutting-edge infrastructural developments. Living and raising a family in Melbourne is a great decision, especially if you want to boost your standard of living. The city also gives you the opportunity to create your own success story by opting for existing business for sale in Melbourne. However, the decision of owning a business is completely your decision. If you plan to move to Melbourne, you need to prepare everything in advance.

Understandably, uprooting yourself from a place where you have lived comfortably for years is difficult. But, for personal and professional growth, you have to move to a better place which can be Melbourne if you are relocating to Australia. Gateway Melbourne understands the complexity of taxing process in Victoria when relocating international, and that’s why support you. Our in-house experts create a plan for you and prepare you financially, mentally and physically so that you can get into the process and complete it without any hassle. We are here to let you explore everything about the tax, types of visas offered by Australian Government, immigration rules, criteria and much more. If you have any query related to this, feel free to contact us or call our customer care representative today. We are here to make your immigration process as stress-free as possible.

We have a highly-trained, dedicated and experienced team of immigration consultants, visa consultants, administrative professionals, and much more who work together to give you desired results. At Gateway Melbourne, we strive hard to make your immigration process as hassle-free as possible. We established back in 2016 and since then have helped thousands of people in 16 different countries in getting the desires solutions for visa applications, and immigration processes. You can give us a call and let us solve your problems when migrating to a new city or state. Make sure you provide with all the necessary detail in the best possible manner.


South Yarra is reckoned for its friendly and amenable people. The suburb has an amalgamation of working professionals, families, elderly, and people of all ages.


Median Property Prices

Houses for Buying: $1,615,000

Houses for Renting: $750 per week

Units for Buying: $607,500

Units for Renting: $430 per week


This suburb is the ideal place to get work and enjoy your life. It is in thick of all the things that happen in the city. If you like activity, liveliness, and a host of activities to do then this is your place.

Great For

  • Independent living
  • Restaurants, Cafes and Eateries
  • Affordable housing options
  • Public Transport
  • Shopping and entertainment
  • Spacious parks and recreation areas


St Kilda is a hub for urban professionals, young students, and tourists. This suburb is excellent for families and people planning to start a family.

Median Property Prices

Houses for Buying: $1,282,500

Houses for Renting: $660 per week

Units for Buying: $562,050

Units for Renting: $400 per week


St Kilda is among the affluent areas of Melbourne. It is close to the central business district, beaches, farming markets, shopping centres and much more.

Great For

  • Deco Apartments (beachside)
  • Expansive and historic mansions
  • Eating out
  • Nightlife
  • Live entertainment venues
  • Friendly people


A favourite of students and people who want to live independent lives, Carlton is the suburb where individuals from different cultural backgrounds reside.

Median Property Prices

Houses for Buying: $1,280,00

Houses for Renting: $680 per week

Units for Buying: $340,000

Units for Renting: $400 per week


Carlton is the place to be if you love to eat out, surround yourself with cultural/historic infrastructure, and live the life of style.

Great For

  • City-side location
  • Creative and spacious apartments
  • Italian restaurants and cafes
  • Nightlife
  • Live entertainment venues
  • Friendly people


Live in Brunswick to be surrounded by young adults, elderlies, and families with children. You can easily find a wholesome and friendly neighbourhood in this suburb.

Median Property Prices

Houses for Buying: $1,100,00

Houses for Renting: $600 per week

Units for Buying: $531,00

Units for Renting: $400 per week


Being a cosmopolitan suburb, Brunswick is a multicultural area. It has a hip vibe and it has bustling street. Here you can eat, shop, and entertain yourself with many delights.

Great For

  • Sydney Tram Road
  • Middle Eastern bakeries
  • Town Hall’s Counihan Gallery
  • Artisan Giftware shops


Known as the riverside suburb, Southbank has artists, working professionals, families with kids, and retirees. It’s the place to be if you are looking to be close to the city and have a laidback life

Median Property Prices

Houses for Buying: No Data

Houses for Renting: $440 per week

Units for Buying: $575,000

Units for Renting: $450 per week


Southbank is a tranquil and beautiful suburb with people living here from all walks of life. This suburb is reckoned for its family-friendly surroundings, parks, entertainment joints, and much more.

Great For

  • Riverside view apartments
  • Eating out
  • Smooth public transport
  • Resale and rental value of properties
  • Nightlife


Richmond is the place for independent, mature, and established individuals living with families or leading a life of singles. It is ideal for settled working professionals and retirees

Median Property Prices

Houses for Buying: $1,353,500

Houses for Renting: $650 per week

Units for Buying: $560,000

Units for Renting: $450 per week


This suburb is reckoned for its urban vibe, convenient homes, and modern amenities. If you are looking for an easy to live place that is close to the city and offers facilities then consider Richmond.

Great For

  • Urban and chic places
  • Modern architecture that pays homage to the past
  • Cosy homes
  • Art and culture

Why Gateway Melbourne?

Our consultations and experts offer immigration and visa related advice and tips to couples, students, professionals, and families across the globe.


Students Helped

At Gateway Melbourne, we help students from across the world to get the best access to education by helping them get student visas for studying in the top-notch universities in Melbourne, Victoria. The city has a host of excellent and world-renowned education centers offering a variety of professional and vocational courses. With our help you can enroll in multiple centers and get admissions without stress.


Document Verifications

Our team is adept at vetting documents like identity proofs, degrees, diplomas, work experience letters, certifications, mark sheets, and much more. We can get your documents verified to make the relocation process easier and faster. We know understanding the procedures is difficult for many migrants, which is why we strive to simplify it and ensure you can get through verifications without any hassle or stress.


Accommodation Assistance

Our team of experts help with the visa application, immigration process and verification of documents. We will help you also get the best accommodation options in Melbourne and find you a suitable place to live in that matches your needs. You can take our advice and rent an apartment or house in Melbourne so that you can settle down there with ease. This will help you avoid any confusion and stress about the moving process.



Since the company’s incorporation, we have helped numerous individuals and families relocate to Melbourne. The people we assist are from all walks of life and different regions of the world. We have a team of professionals who are well-versed in multiple languages and cultures, enabling them to help immigrants and understand their requirements. With their assistance, you can realise your dream of coming to Melbourne.

Immigration and Visas

Our company was established with the aim to provide immigration and visa related assistance to people considering Melbourne as the place to live and realise their dreams. From the day our company was established we have helped thousands of people to check their eligibility, verify their documents, and get approval for the type of visas they have applied.

At Gateway Melbourne, we understand it is difficult to manage the relocation process and visa application alone. Therefore, if you are planning to come to Melbourne for studying, working, travel or any other reason, get in touch with us. We will help you get personalised service and be a part of the city.

You can also contact us for information and guidance for Australian Citizenship, eligibility requirements, proof of citizenship, and other matters. Our team will be happy to help you in any way they can. Also, our services are available at affordable prices, which is why you can hire us without impacting your relocation budget.


Being an Australian Citizen

To be a permanent resident of Melbourne getting an Australian citizenship is crucial. When you are a citizen of the country, there are many responsibilities and privileges that improve your quality of live.

At Gateway Melbourne, we understand the hardship people face getting a visa and becoming a citizen of Australia. Therefore, we do our best to provide guidance and ensure you can get the solutions you are looking for.

With our help you can learn important things like making a pledge, the democratic beliefs of Australia, freedoms given to citizens, equalities, values of the country, and what sense of community Australian citizens share.

So get in touch with us now to get the right guidance for immigrating to Melbourne, citizenship statistics, how to apply for permanent residency, and much more.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

We have assisted hundreds and thousands of people in immigration and visa processes in Melbourne, Victoria. Have a look at our testimonials and see why people trust us:

Thanks to the guidance provided by Gateway Melbourne, I was able to get a student visa for studying in the great Victoria University. The people helped me with visa applications, documentation, relocation finance management and much more!


(Student Visa )

When my husband decided to move to Melbourne for his job, it was obvious I had to be with him. So, I contacted the people at Gateway Melbourne and they helped me with analysing my eligibility, document verification, and many other things. Thank you!


(Partner Visa)

After completing my studies in Canada, I got the chance to work for a reputed company in Melbourne. So, I sought the assistance of Gateway Melbourne to apply for a work visa and their guidance helped me tremendously to make the relocation process easier. I am grateful for their help and how friendly their team was!


(Work Visa)

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